Crew Club

The Crew Club professional network of the maritime community welcomes you - those who do not imagine life without the sea, those who are ready to connect their life with work in difficult but very interesting conditions. Working at sea is an opportunity to unlock your potential in difficult conditions.The marine and river fleet is developing, which means that new vacancies are constantly appearing on the market.

Network for Professionals

The Crew Club website publishes current vacancies from shipowners. Both experienced sailors and those who so far plan to contact their lives with sea transportation can find a proposal. Often, employment implies high salaries, as well as the ability to travel. On international routes, the crew has the opportunity to get acquainted with representatives of other cultures, to learn the habits and features of life of other peoples.

The portal contains live summaries of sailors. Ship owners will be able to easily select a suitable candidate, even if the flight is scheduled for the near future.

The Maritime Community Business Network is a great place to communicate with professionals, get advice from more experienced colleagues and discuss important aspects in the work. Here you can find useful contacts. In one place, information was collected about organizations that are related to maritime transportation.

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