About the project CrewClub

The main thing that distinguishes our site from others is its division into professional parts and personal ones. The two parts of the site do not intersect and are configured separately. Which allows you to be a professional worker on the one hand and an interesting blogger on the other, and all this is just you.

Professional network for workers involved in maritime and river transport. Representatives of shipping companies and crewing companies are present on the site. Companies post current vacancies on the site for sailors, river workers, office workers or even port workers. You will see vacancies with all the required documents, dates and vessel, which you can also find out about on our website. Or to ask people who have already worked on this ship about him, it is very easy to find them.

Take employment in your hands. On the "Crew Club" you will be able to compile the most complete resume that will suit 90% of shipowners. You will be able to respond to company vacancies, download resumes or immediately send to any e-mail address you need.

The social network for workers is your window into the world. Each employee has its own history related to work. We are all waiting to find out! You will have your own page with a personal tape for stories and photographs. You will be able to comment on the stories of other users and repost important news. You can find a wheelchair and add them to your friends so that you don't lose them.

Anonymous forum for absolutely different issues and unrestricted opinion. Ask a question that bothers you and get an answer from knowledgeable people.

Gathering a professional maritime and river community

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