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TENET MARINE COMPANY Ltd. is one of the leaders on worldwide crewing market . The Company was founded in 1993 and since then has been providing a full range of crewing services. Our Head Office is located in Greece. The Company manages a network of branches in Russia, Cyprus, Greece. We have partners in Georgia and the Baltic countries. We specialize in the employment of experienced, qualified and certified seafarers for servicing ships of all types (bulk carriers, container ships, tankers, refrigerators, passenger and pleasure ships, and others).Tenet Marine follows strict and efficient crew selection criteria to ensure that the selected seafarers meet high standards in terms of competence, experience, English language skills, ambition and motivation, safe work, loyalty and honesty. We carry out our duties with full responsibility. Only by starting to work in close cooperation with us, you will be able to appreciate the quality of our work and our services. Please browse our website to learn more about the specifics of our business or contact us personally if you have a question or request about our services.

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